Meet The Founder

Bruce Carter earned his Bachelor of Arts from Iowa Wesleyan University, where he received two-time All-American Honors as a football player. He likes to say he went on to earn his master's from Let Down University and P.H.D from Overcomers University.


At the age of 23, his experience with law enforcement came when he bought guns from a licensed gun dealer for a friend who lived in another state. At the time of purchase, he provided his Drivers License, Social Security number and informed the gun dealer they were for his friend who lived out of town. He later learned that purchasing guns for a non-resident of the State of Texas is called a straw purchase. He subsequently was charged with the "illegal purchase of firearms." Upon receiving 5-year probation, it was violated one week before expiration after he went hunting with business associates who were doctors and attorneys. He served 18 months in federal prison. 

Bruce Carter, whom you will come to respect, and love, is a recipient of the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award after mentoring over 500,000 youth nationally. In 2016 he founded two of the most influential political ground games in America; Black Men for Bernie and Trump for Urban Communities. Like him or not, his work is proven to be very productive. His motto is that no one outworks or serves him, and he lives by faith and favor. ​

 "Which person is worse, the one who created the problem? or the one who knows of the problem but does nothing to fix it?" Bruce Carter