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The history of the Holocaust is well documented and considered by some the most inhuman act in world history. Based on history and primary data, I would like to introduce you to the Constructive Genocide of black families in America and the residual effects. The process of constructive genocide started with physical slavery and the introduction of divide and conquer, consequently producing self-hate, political slavery,  mass incarceration, the development of an entitled mindset, the formation of broken men, prosperity religion, miseducation, indoctrination, and the final nail in the coffin was hopelessness. “Where there is no hope, there will be no civility.” Bruce C Carter

Team Black Males Winning (Team BMW) is a unique initiative that culminates 12 years of rigorous research, trials, and studies based on primary data. It aims to combat issues like senseless killings, absent fathers, and generations of hopelessness by empowering black males ages 12 to 26 willing to stand on business who are in middle school, high school, or college, a dropout, in the streets, or a gang member. If you are tired of seeing your mom struggle, feel like nobody cares about you, want to own a business, and are ready to secure the bag, we have your back and need you!

Immediate Projects

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Black Males Challenge 2024

TEAM BMW Black Males Challenge 2024 is a response to primary data obtained from the campaign Black Men Will Vote 2020 and the intended exploitation of Black Males during the 2024 election. The challenge is very intentional about the need to address the issues of black males, reduce the senseless violence in black communities, create opportunities for Black Males ages 12-26, and the necessity to support hard-working Sistas in America until males become men and stand on business. 

The Challenge calls for black males to take a PLEDGE to vote for the party that demonstrates they care even if they don’t like the party or the candidates on the ballot. The question is: WHO REALLY CARES?

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Battle Grounds Registration Drive

Team BMW will launch a Black Male voter registration drive in the following states: 

  1. 24K - Georgia 

  2. 24K - Michigan 

  3. 24K - Pennsylvania

  4. 24K - Wisconsin

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Establish Community Information Hubs

People suffer from a lack of knowledge because they do not receive valuable information promptly. CIH will keep PEOPLE in the KNOW. Community Info Hubs (CIH) are the backbone for programs and practical solutions designed to revitalize urban cores and empower rural America while partnering with Suburban America. Barbershops, daycares, hair salons, and pop restaurants historically are not only gathering places for food and beauty but are also utilized to share information, provide fellowship, mentor, and provide training. 

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Georgia 300

Georgia 300 is an intentional effort designed to deliver tangible opportunities for the everyday working Sistas in Georgia by leveraging corporations, politics, and financial institutions. Georgia 300 will create value for Sistas who have seen generations of hopelessness despite being a part of the wealthiest country in the world. The mission is to empower Sistas by changing their mindsets and providing them with pathways to independence.

The Hard Truth 

Three Greatest Historical Downfall for Blacks

Slavery - Produced generations of slave mentality and taught blacks to hate each based on skin color or titles, such as the field negro vs the house negro.


Political Slavery - became prevalent in the 1960s under Lyndon B Johnson when his strategy was to provide blacks with access to voting, welfare, and various programs for the democrats to own blacks for another 200 years. He called it The Great Society, but The Great Trick might be a better name if you look at the condition of urban cores. 


The Crack Cocaine Epidemic destroyed Black families with addiction, incarceration, death, and no trust for the addicted, leading to widespread homelessness. 

Current downfalls for Black Males

1. Black Males Abandoning Their Children

2. Political Slavery 

3. Pacifying Women 

4. The Black Church 

5. Hopelessness 

6. Poverty Mindset 

7. Entitlement Mindset 

8. Broken Men

9. Lack of Discipline 

10. Slave Mindset 

11. Black Lead Organizations 

12. Crab In The Bucket Mindset 

The Current Plan For Black Males

PTI Trade School aims to remove the dark cloud of hopelessness and barriers to success in many Black communities because the current success plan for Black males is critically flawed. They compete against neighborhoods of scarce resources due to years of redlining practices, violence resulting from no hope - no resources - little education, and long-established school-to-prison pipelines.  Our youth have fallen victim to a system they struggle to overcome without the proper resources to make them aware of their value and abilities to achieve greatness and fulfill a purposeful life. 

The current plan/policies, which have been in existence for the past thirty-five years, work in the following steps:

Society introduces Black males to sports at an early age, and when sports fail to fulfill the dreams of wealth and fame and end the generations of hopelessness, it's either:

  • The Music Industry to the Hustle Game or The Hustle Game to the Music Industry


The Hustle Game produces few outcomes despite all of the environmental, emotional, and mental sacrifices, such as:

  • Jail

  • Death

  • A hard life without true fulfillment and individual growth

If Black males are lucky enough to receive a small amount of jail time and return home versus being murdered in the streets, the consequences are:

  • It is being labeled as a convicted felon, which causes the struggle to continue.

  • Due to the continued struggle, they go back to step two, and the process has a higher rate of starting all over again.

​The results of the current plan/policies for Black males have a direct correlation to the following:

  1. Broken families

  2. Poverty-stricken communities

  3. Crime infested  neighborhoods

  4. Environmental trauma

  5. Generations of hopelessness due to lack of access to education and resources


Team BMW's New Plan  For Black Males

Based on primary data, Pathways To Independence Trade School (P.T.I.) and its collaborative partners theorize that P.T.I. will effectively reach black communities and those with little trust in people, government, and themselves. 

Finally, the New Plan for black males is at an early age, introduce them to:

  1. Self-Efficacy

  2. Consequences 

  3. Ownership

  4. Entrepreneurship

  5. Servanthood

  6. Agriculture 

  7. Transferable Skills 

  8.  Faith 

The results of the new plan for black males will produce:

  1. Stronger Families

  2. Vibrant Community

  3. Safer Neighborhoods

  4. Healthy Minds

  5. Generations of Prosperity

Team BMW Platform

Keep Ya Head Up

Team BMW's platform focuses on obtaining the resources required to effectively implement solutions that will change the mindset of black males so they can become great fathers, husbands, leaders, and productive citizens. The solutions implemented are based on twelve years of primary data gathered in trials and studies of black males.  


The platform will demand that political candidates utilize its strategic partners' marketing platforms and demonstrate if they care about black males' well-being. In addition to marketing revenue, Team BMW will seek a $25 billion New Market Tax Credit to restore families across America by providing location-based economic development. The Tax Credit will be a five-year pilot called the Professional Athlete Restoration Tax (PART).

PART allocation will cover $5 Billion annually and immediately impact Urban and Rural Communities.  

A successful application of PART over the five years would:

  1. Establish relationships with fathers and their children.  

  2. Effectively Address Mental Health Issues Caused By Environmental Trauma 

  3. Develop Safer Communities through Information and Opportunities 

  4. Create Homeowners While Developing New Skilled Labor 

  5. Reduce Homelessness In America By 20% by creating homeowners

Team BMW Solutions

The Work Will Not Be In Vain!

The Work

The Work

The Work
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