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Who Really Cares?

Because Opportunities Matter!

The mission of the Black Male Challenge 2024 (BMC 2024) is to show Blacks in America which political organization Really Cares or if either one cares. Since the 1960s, blacks have voted for Democrats at a higher percentage due to LBJ’s trick. Yet, the Republicans have failed to commit to any genuine efforts to address apparent issues in black communities. The 2024 election cycle will create the change needed to rebuild communities, reduce crime, shift mindsets, and alter the political landscape for the next decade. 



Our Goal

The goal of BMC 2024 is to utilize marketing dollars obtained from candidates, campaigns, PACs, and supporters of Team BMW to build a 40-acre research and trial center to study the health of black males and host fatherhood retreats. In addition to the training center, the plan will provide 150,000 scholarships to young black males across America to earn a Solid Foundation Certification from PTI Trade School.  The fatherhood retreats will encourage and equip disconnected fathers with the tools to restore their relationship with their children. 


Black Male Challenge 2024 has two teams of black males, which are those who support the Democrat party and those who don't support the Democrat party. The teams are  Team Soul of Democracy, which believes in the Democrats, and Team Standing on Business and Securing The Bag, who believe the Democrats have pimped out blacks for decades and don't care about black males, black families, or black communities.

Meet The Team Spokespersons

Who Really Cares?

You can support Team Soul of Democracy if you believe that Democrats care about Blacks In America, or you can support Team Standing on Business and Securing The Bag, who thinks the Democrats have been the worst organization for blacks and don't care!

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